We offer full professional packing services. Our staff are trained by the 'Movers Institute' and are available to professionally pack your contents if required. We can also supply everything that you will need if you are packing yourself.Packing is a specialist skill, so we always recommend that you leave it to our professional staff. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, we offer a range of high quality packing materials for you to use. Full range of quality packing materials Quilted Settee and TV Covers Mattress covers Hanging Rails Garment Boxes BAR supplied Boxes Export Protective Packing We will make sure that the removal of every single item in your home is included in the plan, even things tucked out of sight in loft spaces or cupboards. Because we have planned your move with you in such detail, our team of removers will be fully briefed and will arrive at your home with everything they need to pack and move your belongings swiftly and efficiently. Our removers are experts in packing unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items. We will pack and transport special belongings using purpose made materials and equipment. You can be sure that we will look after everything, from your glass and chinaware to a grandfather clock or a grand piano.


Your furniture will be placed in position according to your instruction. Our unpacking service includes the unpacking and unwrapping of your fragile items onto a flat service and the disposal of packing materials

We will even pack your house plants for you!